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avril 17e, 2009

01:17 am
so after my previous conclusions and what i'm going to be doing to change some things i already feel better about myself. i know i'm more of a serious person...but that's just how i am. it's tough to be me when surrounded by immature people. it's not fair to them, for me to snap and it's not fair to me to always be annoyed. so in that sense i'm done sugarcoating things, which i tried not to much anyway, and if someone can't handle it then i really don't care. i can say what i can, as can most everyone, but i can't force anyone to listen or grow up.

this diet i feel good about as well. they have more than enough tasty recipes along with other no cook meals for lazy/busy days. exercising will honestly be the toughest part, i think, for me. it's just something i hate doing. the meals i can stick to, i'm honestly not worried. the first week will be the hardest, but still. i'm going to this with a good mind set because i feel good about it. whatever i lose before vacation i do. i'm doing this for no one but myself, which is how it should be. i'll start monday for sure even if i make some of the things this weekend just because. i bought more pills since i was running low and i also bought the book (both off amazon) so that i can return the library book and still have it. it's broken into 3 phases, but whenever i'm ready i can move to the next phase. just cutting back on things will be a major help, and the pill for it is a fat blocker to help block the worse fat. every diet needs fat, your body uses/needs it, but i like how the system works. cut back a lot and teach you, then add some more fat but keep the calories the same and work out and stuff. either way the diet will be helpful, which is what i need. and it's all broken down for me so i'm not wondering and trying to figure things out.

also making me feel more adult is...i do want to settle down. not right this instant, but i'll be ready when the time comes. i have found a dress i'm in love with i just hope it'll still be around when the time comes. even more surprising...is i might want kids. i'm still iffy about the actually delivering them thing, but i dunno. for hating kids, i can see myself with some. errr, wat? lol. maybe it's part of being female and getting older. i know i'm not OLD but i'm not getting any younger. i just feel more mature about knowing what i'd like, but not rushing out to make it happen. i want to be ready....but even admitting all this is a step. i've fought against it forever...never wanted it or thought it possible that i'd want to actually be with someone like that, let alone married to them. but i can see it, though not yet =)

just finally figuring out what i'd honestly like to do and work toward making it happen. i don't spend enough time on myself so this is needed. i would like someone, yes, but i know i have to be happy with myself before things ever went that far. being happy with myself, as most know, would be a miracle in itself, eh? lol. and though things have been rough with chris and people in general lately i haven't sunk. i'm doing fine and can pull out of it. i can do this, i can, and i like that feeling.

look! an actual real update =)

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mars 19e, 2009

07:56 pm
so cassidy...the himi rex dumbo girly is the definite oddball. i have no idea HOW but she seems to be hairless. she's 7 weeks so starting to get her fuller coat...or lack there of. she's still fuzzy but she has that short fur feel and yeah. orion felt this way when i first got her too since she had peach fuzz still. it's just...strange. she only has rex on ONE side, so how?? her baby coat was rex, but now it's looking like she'll be hairless. ODDNESS lol. i have her mom, grandma, and used to have her great grandma. her personality gives away who's daughter she is....she only gives kisses. so she's akira's. akira, rosalyn, and mona did not have rex in them as far as i know. i think i would have have other strange babies before cassidy if that were the case, since both ros and akira were bred to wolf- a rex. straaaaange. lol. but she's adorable =P

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octobre 31e, 2008

02:39 pm
happy halloween to anyone who does anything for it!!

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juillet 19e, 2008

12:56 pm
so boy number 5 is gone. yay. kid was younger than i thought, but it works. looked like he was either senior in HS or just graduated. or something. he had one of those faces where you can't rightly tell what age he is. but he has a car and stuff, so yeah. my dad asked why someone would come from columbus just for a rat and i can't really say anything. jesse can't take a pair, damn, but i might have someone else in indiana interested. woot for posting in yahoo groups! i have 9 boys and 12 girls...and 7 of each are up for grabs. so yeah....if anyone on here..in the chicagoland area knows anyone who'd want any LET ME KNOW...as i'll be in Tinley Park, IL the second week of august! then down to bloomington, indiana...though i don't think i have anyone on here from that area. but yeah. let me know if you find anyone!!

okay. other than my shameless plug not much else going on. i'm friggin tired but i don't have to go into work until 430..a whole 30 minutes later than normal...and i get out at "10" unless we're slow or something. yeah. dunno what i'm going to do with myself until 430...if this headache hadn't cropped up i would have gone back to sleep. i still might. who knows!

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mai 1er, 2008

02:07 pm
so the cage came....it took a day to process it, the next day it shipped, and the next day it's here. quick!!! now i just need to put it all together....with all the rings and stuff. this'll be fun!

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mars 23e, 2008

12:58 pm
Happy Chocolate Bunny Day!.....to everyone. since there's always a day to go nom some chocky bunnies =D

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février 23e, 2008

01:57 am - more road trip.....
in order to get a straight shot to minneapolis i'll be driving through half of iowa. oh joy! but i'd rather take a straight shot then take a bunch of other roads so i'll deal with it....but what is there to do in iowa?? i'll get to des moines then take 35 up to minneapolis.

we've also just picked the week and day we're going to leave....we'll be leaving sometime on june 28th and will request off work until july 6th. gives us about a week and a half to play with. it also means i'll definately be in ashland for 4th of july so anyone wanting to hang out lemme know! i wanna watch the fireworks over the lake again and it'll be a great time to visit.

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février 20e, 2008

12:31 pm
bored and stuff.........

I am a d8

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janvier 24e, 2008

12:03 am - ink!!!
i have now officially been inked! yays. is happy. only one part of it really hurt like a bitch, but the rest wasn't as bad as i had thought it would be. it took roughly two hours and it looks awesome. i wanted the first one to be pride and so it is. yay. now to take good care of it so it heals nicely. the only bitch is going to be showering *shudder* that's gunna hurt and i read that it shouldn't have direct water like that for a little while. i can cover it, no problem, but it'll still hurt. it's on my upper right arm like i wanted and i love how it turned out. most everyone on here has me on facebook, so i won't post a pic here. sorry, go to facebook. there's only two pictures anyway...the first one was after he outlined it and the other one was after i got home and stuff. jenny got funny pictures on her phone with me cringing with eyes closed as he did the inner part of my arm....that was painful. but yeah. good times. i can now see why both piercings and tattoos have people coming back for more....and i will be back for more! yays. the other major downside is that it's so friggin cold...but i'll wear sort sleeves at work...so i can keep putting lotion on it and stuff. gunna be so fucking cold in that shop...which you think wouldn't be so damned cold with a 500 degree oven...but it does get cold. bleh. oh well. time to go switch my laundry and try and watch more LOST online...finally done with season 1...two more seasons to go before the 31st...
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décembre 5e, 2007

02:47 pm
did i say it snowed the other day? ha, that wasn't much since it melted the next day. but it definately snowed today! and it's still snowing i think. there's much snow (much for us at least) on the ground. after being freaked out by some guy walking through our yard when we first went outside tencha has since found she loves the snow. she's all happy and bouncy and prances around, more than normal that is, when outside. we had to run around the house a few times before she'd consent to come back inside. she's terribly afraid of gloves, though...dunno what that's all about. been thinking of maybe getting a bunny...since i'm not allowed ferrets here. we'll see, since i'm not sure where to get one exactly (i mean, i COULD go to petco or petsmart but i dunno) and all that stuff. need to look more up on them and ask the parents and all that jazz. but i need to get ready for work and stuff since i have to navigate the new snowy roads. bleh.

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